Childrens Care Foundation
Childrens Care Foundation
The Children’s Care Foundation continues the legacy of its founding organization, the Home for Destitute Crippled Children, originally established to provide community-based pediatric and primary health care services for impoverished children.

While the delivery of health care and pediatric medicine has advanced substantially since the original founding of the Home in 1889, the needs of poor, sick and abandoned children, which the charity was intended to help, have unfortunately increased even more.

In the urban environment where the Home first served indigent children, the problems of health care access, child neglect, child abuse, AIDS, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, welfare dependency and delinquency, among other issues, have grown beyond the ability of existing institutions and resources. The Board of Directors of the Children’s Care Foundation is committed to finding ways to extend the inherited tradition of caring by seeking responsible solutions through support of organizational programs and results-oriented approaches that best address the wide-ranging problems of poor and needy children.
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